Peter Pat established secret-formula
for wonder soap bubbles


250 ml, 500ml or 1000ml Concentrate
13L, 6,5L oder 3,25L liter handwarm tap-water


Begin by stirring the hand-warm water with a cooking spoon (or similar)
and pour the concentrate slowly into it and continue to stir.
Try to avoid foam!

Depending on the size of the concentrate,
remove the amount of water that fits into the concentrate bottle to rinse it out.
Therefore fill the bottle and let it stand for some time, the soap will dissolve by itself!

The soap can be used immediately, but it’s getting better within 24 hours
(I leave the soap in a half-open container during that time).


High humidity is essential for giant bubbles.
In summer, therefore, do not make soap bubbles for midday heat.
Play if possible over lawns, as the humidity is higher there.
You can make the biggest bubbles after the rain!

Also clean air is preferred by the bubbles. While there is visible pollen flight or dust in the air it can become difficult.

Fun is always the most important thing and a guarantor for beautiful bubbles!

Please prepare the concentrate at once, otherwise the quality cannot be guaranteed!!
It is currently not homogeneous and therefore thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom.


This mixture has a shelf life of about two weeks.
If the soapy water is filled into 1L/1.5L bottles (clean!) after mixing,
and stored cool and dark in the refrigerator or cellar,
it can be kept for at least two months!
By doing so, please leave two or three centimeters of air in the bottle.

The unopened concentrate can be kept for at least one year.

Old soap can also still be used,
if you carefully separate the soapy water from the white deposit on the floor!

Video from Julian Bell alias Prof. Bubbles

Game instructions:

For the best bubble results, you need high humidity and as little wind as possible.

Protect the strings from dirt and work in wind direction.

  1. Immerse the entire string in soapy water, if necessary remove excessive foam.
  2. Lift both ends of the sticks closed and let them run off briefly:
  3. Open the ends of the stick and spread out the string.
  4. After a blister has formed, bring the ends of the sticks together to close the bubble.
  5. When there is a lot of wind, open just a little bit
  6. As you make a short blow into the bubble, small bubbles will be formed inside a bubble! Use this to play with the bubbles!
  7. Wash out cords after use.

Tip: Too much foam on the lye/cord is not advantageous for large bubbles.
If you play for a long time, please remove the foam from the soap!


Magic soap:
15-30% anionic surfactants, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants,
perfume, citronelliol, limonene, glycerin.

Various natural vegetable substances, non-toxic and biodegradable!
Mixed with a lot of heart according to a recipe with 20 years of experience from Berlin.


Children under the age of nine should only play with soap bubbles in the presence of an adult.
Please pay attention to the warnings:
Contains small parts that can be swallowed; not suitable for children under the age of three!
If soap is swallowed, do not vomit and drink plenty of water or milk.
Avoid contact with the eyes!
If hands come into contact with soap, clean thoroughly with water.

I have always a towel handy.