How the prices are made:

I will set the prices for each event individually and
suitable with a separate offer.
Depending on requirements, duration, effort and responsibility.
You will also find different versions in an offer prepared for you,
so that you as a customer have a greater choice.

Due to my many years of experience and a wide range of activities, this has proven to be the best way to with different requirements,
from Formula 1 GP & Red Bull headquarters to the SOS Children’s Village and various charities.

Fixed prices

For kids-birthday-partys:

Outdoor show for 20 min. to music or 30 min. without music: 400€
Interactive show for 1 hour : 500€
Indoor stage show for 30 minutes : 600€

For weddings or adult-birthday-partys:

Outdoor show for 20 min. – 30 min. to music: 700€
Interactive show for 1 hour : 800€
Indoor stage show for 17/30 min. : 800€/1000€

For Kindergarten and schools:

Outdoor show for 20 min. – 30 min. to music: 600€
Indoor stage show for 30 min. : 750€
Interactive show by arrangement (depending on the number of children).
If you want to celebrate with 25 children or less,
the same price as for kids-birthdayparty will be applied!

For public events, corporate events and other bookings, there will be an individual offer matching your event.


Also combinations of the shows or changes of the performance duration are possible!
All prices are valid for events in Austria.
Travel costs in Vienna, material costs, preparation and follow-up time
are already included.
Outside Vienna the travel costs are 50c/km driven.
From 150km there is a quantity discount!

If you are not sure, please write to me, many things are possible!