Our giant bubble outdoor shows are a highlight for family-events,
as well as company celebrations & large scale events.

As a show, matching the music as main act, as a side act without music or as walking act.

Selection of references for outdoor shows:
Red Bull Headquarter Opening Ceremony, Formula 1 Grand Prix Bahrain (4x), Playmobil Funpark Germany, Grand Casino Baden (2x), Doha Tribeca Film Festival Qatar, Thomas Cook Travel, BTU Nightflight (2x), Spancirfest Croatia, Dancer For Cancer Hofburg, various shopping malls in Qatar, City of Vienna Marketing and many more (see: References).

Description of the show:

Dr. Bubbles and his team bring joy, magic, amazement
and fascination to the guests of your event.
Giant bubbles in all shapes and sizes delights everyone.

As a highlight, flamboyant surprise action, mood elevator, as art amidst the guests,
for a magical atmosphere, a colorful surprise or as a welcoming committee.

In his outdoor shows, Dr. Bubbles reveals what giant bubbles are able to do with the play of the wind.
A spectacular show, in which all possible variations of giant bubbles
are presented effectively.

Dr. Bubbles provides a spectacular show accompanied by the music,
with a delicate, simple and romantic beginning, the show increasingly develops
into an amazing, wild, magically and impressive spectacle.

From simple giant bubbles over long bubble-snakes to complex bubble formations
up to several hundreds of bubbles at once.
If the wind is mild, even soap bubbles will be formed with his hands.

The fascination of this giant soap bubbles awakens the “inner child” in adults
and let them enjoy this very moment.
Unique structures of water reflect the lights, shimmers in colors of a rainbow
and bring sparkling joy to everybody.

Dr. Bubbles enchants the viewer on his show and let him plunge into a magical world.

A wonderful sensation!

Duration of Performances
(most frequent variations):

At events for adults e.g. 12 minutes to music as main act,
or up to 50 minutes as a side act,
Shorter versions such as 3 x 7 minutes are also possible.
For events with children/families, e.g. 20 minutes to music or 30 minutes continuous.
Up to a maximum of 6 x 20 minutes per day, with a break of 40 minutes each.

Technical rider

1.) Ground surface: concrete or grass are perfect.
No slippery surfaces like smooth stone plates (except covered with a carpet from the organizer).

2.) Minimum 5m x 5m free space.
Minimum height of 4m (no tree branches or garlands).

3.) Minimum height of 4m
no tree branches or garlands

4.) One artist is required for one spot
up to four artists (four spots) are bookable.

5.) For business shows/major events a sound system is required at the venue. For other shows we use a mobile sound system.

6.) Only outdoor!

Perfect for

Corporate events, weddings, major events, anniversaries, birthday parties, gala evenings, reception committee for guests, award ceremonies, trade fairs, exhibition openings, museums, school parties, kindergartens, baptism parties, old people’s homes and nursing homes, homes for the disabled, family celebrations, shopping centers, incentives, advertising, photo-shootings, movies, and much more.

Very well applicable in the middle of the guests or also as scenery (e.g.: on elevations above the guests).

At day and night very impressive!