We offer our interactive shows for family events, company celebrations,
major events, etc. or as a teambuilding method.
Up to six bubble artists can be booked.

Selection of references for the interactive shows:

EVN E-Mobility Day, Infineon, Lindt Schloss Schönbrunn, Schlosshof, SOS Kinderdorf, House of amazement, Caritas, various shopping nights, MedAustron, Wiener Linien, Pflasterspektakel (3x), Murenschalk, Schloss Grafenegg (2x), Basler & Hofmann (CH), Salon Jardin Castle Hetzendorf (3x) and many more (see: References)

Description of the show:

Dr. Bubbles and the soap bubble crew create colorful variety in the form of giant soap bubbles.
Children are learning patience, attention, skills, body control
and have very quick sense of achievement and lots of fun.

Our interactive shows are suitable for children from 4-144 years.
The ideal entertainment for kids, youth and adults.
An unique experience for small and big, including people with special needs.

The fascination of the giant soap bubbles awakens the “inner child” in adults
and let them enjoy this very moment.
Unique structures of water reflect the lights, shimmers in colors of a rainbow
and brings sparkling joy to everybody.

At our bubble workshops every spectator can also become an actor.
Through the active integration,
an interaction takes place that promotes the awareness of actively shaping one’s environment.
Everyone is an artist, everyone can participate.

A unique Experience!

Interaction with the audience

For the immersion of the magic rods for adults and children
we use a children’s swimming pool with several bowls (with professional soapy water).
For major events a different setting will be prepared!

Both children and adults have the possibility, to the heart’s content to let giant soap bubbles rise.
Consideration is given to the motor and psychological abilities of the participants, and offered support if desired.

Our goal is to experience, spread and to promote the joy of movement,
the laughter of children and adults who play with the bubbles.

Duration of performances
(most common forms):

40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes non-stop.
Maximum two/three times per day, with one hour break each.

Technical rider (Requirements)

  1. Ground surface: Concrete, gravel or meadow are perfect. No slippery surfaces like smooth stone plates!
  2. At least 6m x 6m free area, without steps or other tripping hazards.
  3. At least 4m height (no branches of trees, garlands, etc.)
  4. Two artists required for one spot, up to six artists (three spots) are bookable.
  5. If the underground consists of grass, it can be affected if many children play with giant bubbles on the same spot for a longer period of time. Usually the lawn recovers completely after two weeks. We advise you to water the lawn well after the event.
  6. For sensitive grass/valuable meadows we can bring a carpet for protection. Only per consultation.
  7. We form a enclosure by means of a 24m long, thick yellow rope, which is put to the circle.
  8. For large events a clear distinction must be organized by the organizer after arrangement.
  9. Depending on the crowd/event, an additional person may be required, who will be provided by the organizer to coordinate the guests.
  10. Outside only

Course of action

We are reliable for a fluent procedure,
so that several children/guests let giant bubbles rise at the same time and help where help is desired.

We coordinate the change of the children/adults in our giant bubble making actions,
which takes place every few minutes, depending on the number of visitors.

In addition, we make the largest and most varied giant bubbles possible,
for the entertainment of the spectators.

Perfect for

Events with children/youths/families, weddings, company parties, birthday parties, school parties, holiday care, anniversaries, retirement homes and nursing homes, homes for the disabled, shopping malls and much more.

Also suitable for team-building purposes and incentives.