We offer indoor stage shows for children, families and also for business and cooperative events worldwide.
Dr. Bubbles has also been successful at international trade shows and television commercials (see: Special Bookings).

Selection of references for stage shows:

Hotel Carlton St. Moritz, Grand Casino Baden, Taj Lands End Mumbai, Eid al Fitr celebrations Qatar, Bawag Magna Racino, BTU Nightflight Hangar 7, Boston children museum, concerts with Estas Tonne in Vienna/Prag/Moscow, Playmobil Funpark Germany, Ramba Zamba Riesenspielefest Vienna Xtra in the Vienna City Hall (6x), WKO Gala – Parkhotel Schönbrunn, Theater an der Wien and many more (see: References).

Description of the show:

Dr. Bubbles creates with his soap bubbles everything possible and impossible!

The viewers of the show plunge into the magical world and will be enchanted by Dr. Bubbles.
Bubbles with smoke, bubbles inside of bubbles, soap bubbles which are formed by hands and unbelievable large giant soap bubbles.
Presented poetically, technically versed and emotionally accentuated.

The fascination of this giant soap bubbles awakens the “inner child” in adults
and let them enjoy this very moment.

Unique structures of water reflect the lights, shimmers in colors of a rainbow.
It brings sparkling joy to everybody and provide a fantastic and cheerful atmosphere to every event.

Special sculpted formations as well as a bubble cube and much more, can be witnessed.
Also children and adults will stand in a soap bubble.
A wonderful experience!

Objects or products can also be incorporated into the show, to enable a theme-specific presentation for your event.

Fantastic for all ages!

New light table stage show “Rainbows in motion”!

A bubble show, on a table illuminated from below,
starting with a large bubble full of rainbow colors.

Bubbles inside a bubble, geometric structures, as well as special tricks
which are only possible at the light table will be shown .
By the effect of the light table all color spectra of the soap bubbles are brilliantly set in scene.
A magical atmosphere is guaranteed!

Dr. Bubbles acts here with tension and emotions, surprises and fascinates.
Unique in Austria!

Watch the video here: “Rainbows in motion”

Possibilities & performance durations
(most common variants):

For company events or gala evenings e.g. 8, 12, 17 or 2×10 minutes as main act,
or up to 50 minutes as side act (e.g. entrance).
Shorter versions such as 2 x 5 minutes (e.g. award ceremonies) are possible.

On request, product integrations or theme-specific presentations are gladly possible.

For events with children/families, 30 minutes nonstop,
up to the maximum of three times a day, with minimum 60 minutes break.
For special events such as circus or theatre 45 min. or 60 min. variants are possible!

Outdoor-stage shows only upon consultation.

Technical rider

  • A carpet (2m x 4m) is used to leave a clean stage! This will be made available by us when the transport with car takes place.
  • Free space minimum 2m x 3m. 3m to 6m or bigger is best, no stage required.
  • 1 table (~1m x 1m x 0,75m height)
  • Full sound system for USB, CD or smart phone
  • Clean air (no dust, no hazer,..)
  • No air movement on stage (turn off the air-condition during showtime!)
  • One hand held microphone, or headset for the 45/60 minutes shows.
  • Black background will be advised for best color results of the bubbles
  • Warm white light and some colorful spots will be advised, LED-lights have a small lightwave-spectrum.
  • For the light-table show the lights shall be able to be turned off
  • If a fast setup/setdown is needed, a helping hand is necessary

Perfect for

Corporate events, weddings, gala evenings, exhibition stands, major events, anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas celebration, reception committees for guests, awards ceremonies, exhibition openings, museums, school parties, carnival parties, kindergartens, homes for the disabled, shopping centers, incentives, photos and filming, and much more.

It’s also fantastic if used as a side act or supporting program to attune the guests for the event.