Apart from our most common forms of booking (stage shows/outdoor shows/interactive shows)
there are many other ways for the use of giant soap bubbles.

1.) Advertising media

For marketing and media applications, soap bubbles and giant soap bubbles are often used for advertising purposes.
TV commercials, films, advertising photos, posters and many other examples show these possibilities.

We have gained the most experience and know what, when and how to do!

Our shows are also booked as eye-catchers for product launches, trade fairs or special promotional events.

2.) Workshops

We also offer workshops to make the most beautiful giant bubbles yourself!
Not only the handling is taught, but also how to make the strings & sticks yourself and many tips and tricks.

For schools, leisure facilities, holiday care, outdoor pedagogy, adventure pedagogy, or incentives and team-building processes for companies.

If you are interested ,we also give workshops to prospective soap bubble artists!
Our team is constantly growing and bubble lovers are always welcome.
Just get in contact.

3.) Collaborations

Since the beginning of our activities with giant soap bubbles in 2009,
we have had many wonderful experiences with cooperations in various fields.

Whether for music videos, television productions, fairs, event agencies,
with other artists, charity events or also spontaneous actions with musicians for the pleasure of all.

Collaborations always pays off!