Aramis Gehberger, born in Vienna introduced giant bubbles 2009 in Austria.

Since than he’s independent, booked worldwide with his team and
market leader in Austria.

Performances outside of Austria:
Bahrain, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India,
Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, USA,..(see it detailed: References)

Aramis Gehberger alias Dr. Bubbles

Expect the unexpected and experience it!
The magic bubble show from Dr. Bubbles is a miraculous surprise.

The way to his dream job of Aramis Gehberger made the following stations: 10 years work as a technician, then a study in teaching.
Both were perfect to make his equipment today, to be well organized and to share his joy with children

In 2009 he found Peter Pan (Piotr Sczceniowski) in Berlin, who opened the world of giant soap bubbles to him. While playfully working with bubbles he discovered how he could bring joy with pleasure.
He dropped out of his teaching studies,
the way was clear!

Dr. Bubbles offers a wide range of styles, from fun and wild, to romantic and elegant. A unique, cheerful entertainer and enchanting artist.
With ease, he takes you into a magical world full of multifaceted,
flying play of colors.

Dr. Bubbles is worldwide booked and spreads the joy of the rainbow-colored bubbles wherever he is! With his charm and professionalism he is one of the
world’s best bubble artists.

Market leader in Austria, Dr. Bubbles is an all-round talent, whether for celebrations with children, weddings, corporate event or trade fair appearances. In addition he operates the general agency for
Peter & Pat soap bubbles Austria.

Dr. Bubbles says:

“If you see or make giant bubbles, you are immediately in the present moment. This invites you to enjoy fully the beauty of life.


Clara lives and loves in Vienna, is an actress and street artist (with giant soap bubbles and as a living statue).
She has many skills in the repertoire, from clowning and dancing with fire to juggling.

She’s fantastic with kids at our interactive shows and does wonderful outdoor shows.

As a soap bubbles walk-act or on stilts as a soap bubble angel, Clara’s going high.

Even special fire shows with soap bubbles don’t stop her.

Clara says:

“In soap bubbles, I like the combination of magic and physics – inventing and finding joy.”


Larissa has a great fascination for giant bubbles in various contexts:

As an accompanying method in her work as an experiential teacher and youth worker, as an attraction at weddings and celebrations, but above all as a magic agent that always and everywhere conjures up a smile on everyone’s face and makes them marvel!

Larissa says:

“I am fascinated by each one of the big, colorful and flexible soap bubbles and find great pleasure in every opportunity to conjure up more giant soap bubbles into the world – and thereby curiosity, smiles, amazement & joy!”


A very special performer who started his career as a chemist and soon began to do funny and surprising science shows for kids

During the last years, Danny grew into the universe of bubbles with great intension. He’s not only doing outdoor shows and interactive shows but is the only one besides Dr. Bubbles who is able to do indoor stage shows for corporate events in Austria!

Due to his focused work with bubbles, he get’s now also international bookings at the circus or for new years eve shows.

His style is very funny, lively and fantastic at the same time. A very special act!


Pippifax combines therapy, healing and art with her work. Her artistic side came to light when she began to walk the streets of Berlin.

There she found the magic and the light that was already planned for her.

With your attitude “All is well, that’s Pippifax…” her soap bubble artist name, Pippifax soap bubbles arose.

She has learnt to play with her inner child, she gets a lot of smiles and adults and children are alike enchanted.

The bright colors, the floating waves of the bubbles…so the bubbles have also become her own therapy.

Pippifax says:

“I hope the soap bubbles bring you as much magic and light as they have brought me.”


Here I would like to thank all friends, customers and family members, who believe in me and support me.

Also to all bubble artists worldwide who always enrich me and with whom I learn a lot.

Especially to my lady Malwina for her mental support, her encouragement and her open heart, for helping me become the way I am today.

Also big thanks to all the places where I was allowed to make bubbles!

The nature beings, all elements and the universe that always supports me!

In particular I would like to mention the following bubble artists:

Tom Noddy, Piotr Sczceniowski, Keith Johnson, Pep Bou, Greg Brinchault, Boaz Nir Shallom, Lorenzo Lovisolo, Eran Backler, Sterling Johnson, Rick Findley, Sam Heath, Steve Langley, Dustin Skye, Thomas & Eliana Pörsch, Geoff Hannah,  Mike Miller, Robert Visco, Matej Kodes, Bryce Miyauchi, Caspar David Friedrich, Edward Spiegel, Faris Nasir, Gordy Tobutt, Louis Pearl, Mike Gee, Darren Burrell, Celso Luiz Johnsson, Caroline Cornelius-Jones, Megan Colby-Parker, Pierre Yves-Fusier, Sylvain Letuvée, und viele, viele mehr….

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